Kendra Lorrimor

Slim, brunette, quick witted, and something of a romantic

Kendra contacted you, requesting your presence at her father’s funeral.

Kendra was a sheltered child, never permitted to accompany her father on his adventures. She has grown up with a fascination for far off lands and a passion for the exotic. Now an attractive young woman of twenty-five years, Kendra maintains her sense of naiveté and wonder.

Kendra has demonstrated a proclivity for the arcane arts, much like her father, though her skill has yet to be tested. Indeed, many of Kendra’s absent-minded mannerisms and off-hand axiomatics remind you a great deal of her dearly departed father.

Kendra is a teacher, community organizer, a wiz in the kitchen, and sole owner and proprietor of The Magic Box.


Kendra Lorrimor

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