Carrion Crown

18th of Rova 4711, Sunday -Lorrimor's Books & My Execution

Distractions have been filling my head of late, with the events that have transpired. I’ve missed my last few journal entries and now I must try to remember after some time. This last Sunday is all a blur, but I can’t be blamed when death almost took me on this day.

My friends and I had decided that there was nothing we could do but go to this prison and hopefully figure out something to alleviate’s this towns misery, however, I had an idea that could hopefully help us in our upcoming investigation. Knowing that Kendra was trying to figure out what to do with her father’s possessions and having been tasked by Lorrimor himself with aiding his daughter in dealing with his estate I had gotten a wonderful idea. Lorrimor had one of the most wonderful collections of books that I had seen for a private collector and so with some running back and forth I was able to help Kendra sell her father’s collection to the local school, making sure to remove the more rare books and any that Kendra had wanted for herself of course.

Due to the nature of this deal I struck between the wizard and Kendra I was able to get one hell of a discount on a set of mule-back cords which the wizard began working on right away. Having to leave for the prison before they would be complete I left Archimedes behind with the instructions, for both him and the wizard, that once the cords were complete Archimedes would bring them to me at the prison. With that we made our way towards what would almost be my death.

We made it to the prison and began our investigation of the outside perimeter when Archimedes showed up with my cords. With my new strength, confidence began to flood my mind and we mad our way into the grounds. We investigated an old dilapidated building on the outside the prison but within the outer walls and were almost crushed in it as it began collapsing in on us. We continued to the outer parts of the prison where raised platforms flanked the main doors and found ourselves accosted by creatures of fiery death that burst with fire as death took them. I was surrounded by the beasts but luckily my years of trap dodging and ruin delving had given me the wisdom to wear flame resistant clothing which saved me for at least this particular encounter. The others didn’t fare so well but we managed to get through the engagement rather unscathed.

We thought it wise to make sure we cleared the outside of the prison of any more creatures in the event they managed to come up behind us but I would soon find this to be a grave mistake as a animated scythe came to life before us. Now, animated objects are tricky enough to destroy when they’re simple things like chests or candle sticks, but no we got a scythe and without much of any effort on the scythe’s part I found the world going black as a quick slice tore open my throat and my clothes grew damp with the fresh blood pouring from the gaping wound.

With quick action the others were able to save me from a gruesome death restoring me to consciousness and with a renewed sense of humility we were able to destroy this instrument of death. I had thought I might be able to take and restore the weapon for profit but then, looking at my blood-soaked clothing, thought better of it.

Having lost some time, and health, from the various tasks up until this point we decided to head back to town and attack the interior of the prison on Moonday with a little more wisdom and renewed vigor. We had high hopes that the next day would be much less….deathy.

17th of Rova 4711, Starday - Gibbs, The Splatter Man & Spirit Boards
Shepherds Journal

Having received some payment from the city, those who had placed armors and such on order were able to go and purchase them completely today giving the group a much needed morale boost after the events of the previous couple of days. I decided to save my money for some potential magical items, but we’ll have to see what I can manage. We spent the majority of the day doing a bit of research into the Mosswater Marauder and spending some time with Kendra.

Our day became much more interesting as we discovered some of what’s been transpiring in this extremely haunted ass town. Again we had staked out the monument in hopes of catching the culprit behind the blood and although the previous night was fruitless this night was eye opening. As we sat and watched a figure made an appearance and began walking to the monument with ill intentions. Once I was obvious that this was the culprit I decided to attempt to gain some more information through a little trickery.

I had hoped my magic could fool whoever this was and I created, to the best of my ability, a ghost-like apparition floating over the water in the shape of the wardens wife. I had hoped that the person might interact with this charade but all it accomplished was to scare off the man, but luckily we were more prepared and faster then what soon was discovered to be the asshat Gibbs. Although I wouldn’t put it past the jackass to do this out of sick satisfaction, he was very clearly possessed by the spirit of The Splatter Man putting up a decent fight he would have never been capable of without ghostly intervention.

We took Gibbs to the sheriff, Benjan Caeller, and told him to keep him locked up until we could address the prison and hopefully get him back to the normal jackass he usually is. Although it was late, we thought that since Gibbs was just possessed that it might be the best time to make use of the spirit board we had collected a while back. We relocated to Gibb’s house and blocked off the windows to prevent prying eyes, since most likely we’d be branded as necromancers by the more ignorant members of this cursed town.

Although new to communicating with the dead, or at least the non zombie-like ones, we managed to gather some useful yet not unexpected information. The source of this towns misery has been the cause of Harrowstone and the spirits within, although the mystery remains of how their power has apparently increased to influence this town and what the goal of writing the name of the warden’s wife on the monument one letter at a time was.
The spirits didn’t make it easy, of course, almost castrating Enzo but hey, at least it sobered his ass up a bit.

Deciding we all enjoyed having our private parts un-mangled we left Gibb’s house and quickly found ourselves back here at Kendra’s. We decided that we should address this prison in the morning but I think I have a idea of how to utilize my connections to not only help a friend but help myself a little in the process. We’ll have to see how tomorrow turns out.

16th of Rova 4711, Fireday - Day of Rest & Research
Shepherds Journal

This morning was a gloomy one with the events of the night previous but we set out to get the matter taken care of quickly, setting out to see Father Grimburrow about a cremation of Lorrimor’s remains and second burial, which we were told would take the rest of the day.

Seeing as Elza and Enzo had this curious zombie like disease thing all day we actually ended up having a very tame day of rest and research as we waited for Lorrimor’s second burial. Each one of us took one of the different prisoners I had found before and devoted some good time into finding out more about each one of them. We ended up researching Father Charlatan, The Piper of Illmarsh, The Lopper and The Splatter Man today and we’ll be looking into the Mosswater Marauder tomorrow. From what we’ve discovered about these people, there seems to be heavy connections between the visions we’ve been having and some of the different occurrences around town.

I believe it’s very safe to assume that the spirits of Harrowstone have, for some reason, become powerful enough to have sway over this town. But for now with two of us sick I’ve decided that a good old fashioned stake out of the monument might give use some good leads or even one of the culprits themselves. When we had looked at the implements hidden under Gibbs’ woodpile we discovered it had fresh blood on them so I believe if we start watching the monument during the night we’ll eventually catch the culprit.

Enzo and myself set out not long after the cremation of Lorrimor was underway to stake out the monument and even though we were very diligent in our observations, we didn’t manage to catch anyone in the act. Tomorrow will hopefully be a more productive stake out.

15th of Rova 4711, Oathday - The Death of a Friend...Again.
Shepherds Journal

As we came down to have breakfast this morning we were able to talk to Kendra about what happened the other day and found out that yesterday while we were all out Kendra thought she saw her father walking about. We promised her that we would look into making sure her father was still buried to put her mind at ease and set out on our activities for the day. When we left the house, a messenger came for us informing us that the town was going to be having a town meeting this evening and we were all invited to attend giving us the time we needed to do some tasks that needed doing and providing us with the opportunity to discuss obtaining permission to investigate Harrowstone. I however wanted to pay another visit to our old friend Gibbs first to find out what we could from him, be it a confession or a lead.

We found Gibbs returning to his home from the market and began feigning concern about an intrusion in his house we had managed to overhear from the locals. This of course was a bold face lie but he seemed to buy it and allowed us in to ask questions, eventually leading us to the matter of the monument. As we entered his home, the second time for myself, we found him to be less then cordial, although that was to be expected considering his opinion of us and especially after having to clean some suspicious looking poop out of his shoes … heh.

When we began questioning Gibbs about the monument he honestly seemed surprised about the information, which was extremely odd. I understand that although he is the closest to the monument he is still a good distance away from it but we know he was in town recently where he would have heard about it and on top of that there must have been a lot of foot traffic past his house as people investigated the rumor for themselves. We weren’t able to gleam anything more then his genuine surprise but there’s definitely something off about him and I intend to keep an eye on him.

After our meeting with Gibbs we had some lunch and went to the blacksmith to check up on her and see about obtaining some better arms and armor in light of our recent encounters with the undead. The others bought some weapons and put in some orders for masterwork armors and as much as I wanted to I was far too broke to even consider masterwork anything. After getting their measurements it was time for the town meeting which was being held in the town hall.

When we arrived at the meeting, we found a relatively decent turn out with about sixty or so locals quietly murmuring among themselves as the council sat up on stage seemingly waiting for our group specifically since they began the meeting instantly as we took our seats among the crowd. It wasn’t long before we found out why they waited for us specifically as one of the council members explained that with all the recent happenings around town, and seeing as we’ve made a bit of a name for ourselves having defended it, that they wanted our group to look into the matter. Seeing the crowd’s desperation I ended up going up on stage where I told them I would look into the matter with the help of the others if they would join me.

It wasn’t long after I spoke that the lanterns in the town hall damn near exploded, setting the building aflame and knocking several locals unconscious among the flames. We were in the middle of dealing with the fires and getting the civilians out of of the town hall when some flying skulls came in through the windows spreading fire where they flew. We managed to defeat the skulls get the people our and save the town hall from burning to the ground and then Enzo had to go and punch a poor guy for not being more helpful.

During the meeting we had found out that the monument had yet again been vandalized in the night but this time with the letter ‘E’, so we decided that before heading over to the graveyard we should check on the monument and the evidence at Gibbs house. The monument was what was to be expected with fresh blood and a new letter painted over the first, then when I tried sneaking over to double check on the waterskin and razor Gibbs noticed me and I had to give him the run around.

We finished up our business with Gibbs and promptly headed over to the Restlands where we discovered many graves had been disturbed from creatures crawling out of their resting places. Along the path to Lorrimor’s grave we ended up running into another undead child and dog which we quickly dispatched leaving two of us with a zombie like disease that looked horrible. Continuing forth we discovered, to our dismay, that Lorrimor’s grave was indeed disturbed, meaning that Kendra very well could have seen her father walking about. Afraid for Kendra’s safety we quickly headed back to ensure she was alright.

We arrived to find Kendra safe and looking in better spirits but it wasn’t long before all of our worlds came crashing down. What Kendra saw was indeed Lorrimor and he returned once again, almost knocking on the door, attempting to get into the house. We tried to get Kendra out of the room but she couldn’t help but see her once father in the state he was in and we had no other choice but to put him down. Stricken with grief I could only bring myself to heal him. I knew it wasn’t going to help him in any way but the idea of raising my bow or sword to that man was abhorrent to me and luckily we were able to put him down quickly.

We took care of Lorrimor’s body, cleaning it up and cutting off his head for good measure and I can’t even put into words how horrible it was to not only see him in this state but to be forced to put him down. We put his body in the shed out back where it will be safe and Kendra wont have to look upon it more then she has. I only hope sleep takes me quickly tonight for I do not want to be left with my thoughts any longer.

14th of Rova 4711, Wealday - Slamdunkin Children!!
Shepherds Journal

This morning I awoke from a restless sleep and although I got as much time as I normally do I felt as though I had hardly slept at all. When I met everyone downstairs I noticed that Kendra looked much happier then I had seen her since I got here so I waited for her to be out of the room before I discussed the matters of my dream or vision or whatever the hell that was last night. I then proceeded to explain what transpired as Gibbs house and managed to finish up before Kendra came back to the room.

We found out from Kendra that today there was going to be vendors set up in the town square as almost a town festival or flea market of sorts and we decided that, in light of the recent events, some levity would do us some good. We managed to get to the square without getting possessed or whatever the crap is going on in this crazy ass town although it didn’t take long for some shit to happen. Before anything went wrong, however, I did get a chance to try some of the newly invented ghoul giblets stew, which was delicious, and Enzo managed to win himself a fancy goblet in a drinking contest… big surprise there. We also had a chance to look at the local smithies wares which were of a high Dwarven quality. I bought myself a couple daggers one of which was silvered and a couple wrist sheaths for a project I’ve been thinking of trying for some time.

While Enzo was still in the heat of battle, however, a group of musicians came out and started playing and almost immediatly afterwards came a group of stirge flying into the square. When I tried to alert everyone to the potential danger they possed they flew off and everyone just shrugged it off like I was paranoid but low and behold it wasn’t two seconds before the little bastards were latched on my both Enzo and Elza’s neck. Everyone started running then now didn’t they…idiots. Luckily they didn’t attack us for long leaving us be as people began paniking scaring them off, however, there was something odd about their actions and the timing of the musicians playing and I think we should look into it tomorrow.

After the little scuffle with the striges’ we managed to catch up with the sheriff so we could ask him about the town and what the hell might be going on here. Not getting much from him, we did manage to find out that if we wanted to investigate Harrowstone without stepping on anyone’s toes we’ll have to consult the town council. He told us that since we helped to protect people in the town that we could go get some free healing over at the church, and not being one to turn away from free service I went over with the rest of the group.

While we were at the church we managed to find out from Father Grimburrow that there are some records the church kept if we wanted to look into the happenings around town to which I happily went down to look at, along with Elza. Elza managed to turn up some more information about the whispering way and I was able to find out some more information about who exactaly was held in the prison turning up some very notorious criminals like Father Charlatan, the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illmarch and the Splatter Man. I’ll have to do some research on these individuals in the coming days to see if anything that has been happening in town could have been cause by any of them, assuming they survived the fire that is.

On our way back into town was when we found out exactly how dangerous this town has become. We had made it to the square when we heard a scream come from somewhere nearby, I assumed maybe someone fell down the well and quickly ran to investigate hoping to save the poor individual. As I stood there glass broke on one of the houses around the edge of the square and something came out of the window and fell to the ground. Not long after that I heard something gurgling climbing the walls of the well and my true horror was realized when a small bloated undead child came out of the well.

Handling it as best as my panic would allow I promptly picked up the abomination throwing it back down the well and running back to the group which I found to be engaged in battle with some other zombie like monsters. Luckily we managed to dispatch the creatures with relatively little damage to ourselves and even had a little help from the smithy who dispatched a skeleton by herself. Afterwards we peaked in on the smithy to make sure she was alright and then got the sheriff and informed him of what happened. We advised him to not only get some people out there to clean up the mess, so as to not cause any more stress on the poor citizens, but to also grab some acolytes from the church to check on the towns well so people don’t fall ill.

When we got back to Kendra’s we found her in tears for what we did not have to heart to investigate. I broke my heart to see her back in such a state after seeing her so happy this morning but considering what’s happening in this town I fear there might be many more tears to follow. I didn’t decide to risk any nighttime excursions considering there is now a possibility for monsters to attack and instead put my habits towards getting that stupid book open that I’ve been trying to get open for the past two days. I finally managed to get the stupid thing open only to discover it was written in a coded Varisian, but luckily I had recently learned a little magic to help with such an occasion and was able to break it. This book is nothing evil for sure as it has just listings and instructions on rituals and magics used for nothing malicious at all.

It was nice to have a task this night to center on and although the book didn’t give me any insight into something unknown I enjoyed that little victory and with all the time I had I was even able to finish up my tinkering project. Tomorrow when we all set out I believe we should seek the council’s permission to investigate the prison and also I feel I should check on our old friend Gibbs who might be a little more friendly towards those that might help him out. I also must remember to continue my research on the prisoners seeing as that might mean the difference of life and death it would seem.

13th of Rova 4711, Toilday - Forgotten Supplies
Shepherds Journal

This morning, as we were all gathering ourselves downstairs we overheard the milkman conversing with another citizen as he was dropping off the milk for Kendra. Apparently, during the night someone had gone over to the prison memorial and vandalized it with a large V written in blood along with a decent sized pool of blood on the ground. Deciding it wouldn’t be a wise idea to head there so early when people might draw some false conclusions we instead head out for the Restlands to investigate the hidden cache. When we got there we were soon confronted by some acolytes of the church who told us we needed permission to enter the grounds. We apologized, telling them our intentions were to check on Lorrimor’s grave given the events before his burial which was 100% truthful. The acolytes followed us for a bit but then went back to whatever task they had been attending to previously.

While walking through the graveyard towards the crypt Serris called Enzo apparently claiming he saw his name on a tombstone with the date of Harrowstone’s fire as the date of his death, but when we all looked, the tombstone was weathered to the point we couldn’t read the name on it. Whether or not Serris was messing with us or not I cannot say but considering the change in the way this place feels since I was last here I wouldn’t blame him for seeing things.

We eventually spotted a crypt with a broken lock made to look like it was still working so I went in to scout ahead and make sure this was the correct place. I could see footprints leading into the back wall which had a mural dealing with Pharasma on it but it wasn’t until the rest joined me that I was finally able to see the mechanism necessary to open the doors. With hooded lantern in hand we followed the footsteps, delving deeper into the crypt where we discovered a sarcophagus that the footsteps went to.

As we started to open the stupid heavy bastard Serris confirmed there to be magic items within but before we could get to it we were accosted by giant centipedes. We managed to quickly dispatch the five that attacked us taking little damage ourselves and finished our acquisition of the goods. As we went to leave, however, we were ambushed by another four centipedes that put up a much better fight dealing some considerable damage to Serris who would need healing over the next day or two to be fully recovered. Enzo, who had been watching the entrance for us while we fought the first five centipedes came to the rescue dispatching two of the centipedes and helping us finish the fight.

Making sure to cover our tracks and using prestidigitation to clean us up we exited the crypt, but before leaving I used mending the fix the lock on the crypt door. Heading back into town we passed a group of little girls singing a song in Varisian that disturbed me greatly but somehow peaked Serris’ interest who proceeded to question them about the song as if they knew more then just the lyrics. Moving past the children we decided to split up giving Serris some time to identify what exactly we found in the crypt. Enzo accompanied Serris while Elza and myself went to the local tavern Laughing Demon owned by Zokar Elkarid.

While at the tavern we discovered Zokar is a little bit of a comedian with his meals and consequently I ended up ordering a vampire steak with a liquid ghost ale and Elza had wolf balls and liquid ghost ale. I suggested he add ghoul giblets to the menu not long before something truly inexplicable happened. In the tavern there was a group of men playing with a harrow deck and when one of them placed down the uprising card there was a flash that disoriented most of the people in the tavern including Elza. After some investigating I could find nothing odd about the harrow deck but I convinced Zokar to let me take it just in case and gave him five gold to replace it with some other games.

Elza ended up giving Zokar five gold as well to give everyone in the tavern a round to calm their nerves and asked if he had a basement which he didn’t. After Zokar left Elza explained how for the brief moment she was blinded she could swear she heard the sounds of people screaming in pain below her as if they were on fire. Finishing are meal and having a few more ales to calm our nerves, Serris and Enzo came into the tavern looking a little bit spooked and annoyed, Serras more spooked and Enzo more annoyed. Apparently, as Serris and Enzo were walking to the tavern Serras saw the tracks of a cart or wagon being pulled through the dirt towards them although there was none. Serris jumped out of the way calling to Enzo to follow suit but believing Serris to be seeing things again Enzo stood there as the tracks harmlessly pass around him.

I’m not sure if I can trust Serris, although he seems to believe that these things are happening and considering the event that occurred in the tavern I guess I shouldn’t be too skeptical. I passed the harrow deck to see if he could gleam anything from it I couldn’t and explained the events that took place not long ago but after giving it a good look he couldn’t see anything off about the deck either and handed it back. With that we set out to finally give the memorial a once over to see how bad the scene was.

As we passed the final house leading to the memorial I wanted to take note of who lived there as they would have had the best chance to either see who performed the act or perform the act themselves. To my mild surprise it just so happened to be the home of Gibbs and I resolved to return in the night to investigate more thoroughly and possibly give a little payback for him enciting a mob against Lorrimor. When we arrived at the memorial we found the dried blood people had been talking about and Serris figured out that it was about two large rats worth of blood and it was definitely animal blood. Taking note of the names on the memorial we returned to Kendra’s to sleep.

Before I woke up from my first bout of sleep to go investigate Gibbs, however, I had a most peculiar nightmare where all the furniture in my room slowly disappeared and I eventually found myself in a prison cell overlooking Harrowstone. I recognized this to be a dream but when I bit myself to wake up nothing happened, and then my name was slowly written in blood above my bed and I awoke with a start. When I awoke a little while ago my hand still hurt and my name was still written above my bed in blood. I went and grabbed Elza who had been taking first watch over the house as we slept and made sure she saw the blood as well and had her check for any cuts on my body to which she found none.

To settle my nerves I decided to still go through with my investigation having Enzo take over my shift on watch. I just returned a little while ago and managed to find a waterskin and razor that had caked blood in them hidden under Gibbs woodpile. I’m not sure if that necessarily means Gibbs is the culprit but if we want to get information out of him we need to get in his good graces. I decided to steal the little money he had and make it look as if a animal broke in his house so that we can maybe help him out and hopefully improve his attitude towards us but for now I need some restful sleep.

12th of Rova 4711, Moonday- Arrival in Ravengro
Shepherds Journal

Although a little late, I managed to make it in time for the funeral this morning. The trip here was not an easy one, but luckily I didn’t run into any bandits or beasts along the way, although that didn’t mean there wasn’t some waiting for me when I arrived. The beasts I speak of are the very townsfolk of Ravengro, lead by that bastard Gibbs. that came out to prevent myself and everyone else present for Lorrimor’s burial from burying him within the Restlands next to his wife. It took every once of my patience, and that of the other pallbearers, to not lay down these monstrous people who claimed Lorrimor to be some sort of Necromancer. Luckily for them the Father Grimburrow came out and ran them off before any of them was seriously hurt, well besides that poor lad laid out by Serras. We were able to put Lorrimor to rest and return to his old house, which now belongs to his daughter Kendra, without any more problems.

I found out that Lorrimor was found just outside Harrowstone with his jaw and upper chest crushed as if a stone fell on him while he as looking up and that I wasn’t the only odd mention in Lorrimors will. There was, in fact, three other unexpected people mentioned as well, a Half-Elf by the name Serris, a man calling himself Enzo and a pretty little Cleric named Elza. They were a relatively quite bunch but if they were trusted as much as myself by Lorrimor then I feel I can count them as friends during these troubling times. It wasn’t very long after meeting these individuals that Kendra came down from her Father’s bedroom with a chest and council member Hearthmount came knocking at the door to read us poor Lorrimors will.

We found out that Lorrimor has been investigating a group called the Whispering Way, a cult with nefarious intentions, and that in his pursuits to help the fight against evil, Lorrimor had been collecting books dealing with these subjects. Lorrimor has asked myself and the other three to remain in Ravengro for a month to help Kendra as she decides what to do with her father’s estate and then when the month is over to take these books, that were in the chest Kendra brought down, to Lepidstadt where we will all receive 100 Platinum each for doing so. As far as I can gleam from the others we have all silently agreed to this course of action and are now staying in Kendra’s house for the next month, I only hope it isn’t too dull.

As my habit of waking up in the middle of the night came around I used the opportunity to try my lock-picking skills on a particularly interesting looking book that has a scarab on the cover with a very interesting key hole. Alas, I was unable to pick the lock even though I believe I did quite well in my attempt, meaning this isn’t any old run of the mill lock. I only hope when we go to investigate a hidden cache, mentioned in Lorrimor’s journal, tomorrow I don’t run into similar difficulties. I must also remember to find out where that dickhead Gibbs lives so I can go fuck with him.


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