Carrion Crown

5th of Rova 4711, Moonday - Terrible News
Shepherds Journal

I received word from Kendra that Lorrimor has passed away and that I am in his will. I honestly can’t believe that Lorrimor’s passing is not at the hands of some unforeseen enemy but I’ll have to find out the details when I arrive in Ravengro. The funeral is going to be held on the 12th and luckily, or unluckily, I happened to be around Ustelav looking for the Raven’s Head artifact which has been eluding me for some weeks. I will have to pack lightly for the sake of speed to make it there in time so I’ll be selling some of my heavier supplies in the morning and hopefully I’ll be able to set out by late morning. I don’t expect I’ll have time to write in this journal until I arrive in Ravengro since I’ll be pushing it as it is. I only hope I make it there in time.


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