Carrion Crown

18th of Rova 4711, Sunday -Lorrimor's Books & My Execution

Distractions have been filling my head of late, with the events that have transpired. I’ve missed my last few journal entries and now I must try to remember after some time. This last Sunday is all a blur, but I can’t be blamed when death almost took me on this day.

My friends and I had decided that there was nothing we could do but go to this prison and hopefully figure out something to alleviate’s this towns misery, however, I had an idea that could hopefully help us in our upcoming investigation. Knowing that Kendra was trying to figure out what to do with her father’s possessions and having been tasked by Lorrimor himself with aiding his daughter in dealing with his estate I had gotten a wonderful idea. Lorrimor had one of the most wonderful collections of books that I had seen for a private collector and so with some running back and forth I was able to help Kendra sell her father’s collection to the local school, making sure to remove the more rare books and any that Kendra had wanted for herself of course.

Due to the nature of this deal I struck between the wizard and Kendra I was able to get one hell of a discount on a set of mule-back cords which the wizard began working on right away. Having to leave for the prison before they would be complete I left Archimedes behind with the instructions, for both him and the wizard, that once the cords were complete Archimedes would bring them to me at the prison. With that we made our way towards what would almost be my death.

We made it to the prison and began our investigation of the outside perimeter when Archimedes showed up with my cords. With my new strength, confidence began to flood my mind and we mad our way into the grounds. We investigated an old dilapidated building on the outside the prison but within the outer walls and were almost crushed in it as it began collapsing in on us. We continued to the outer parts of the prison where raised platforms flanked the main doors and found ourselves accosted by creatures of fiery death that burst with fire as death took them. I was surrounded by the beasts but luckily my years of trap dodging and ruin delving had given me the wisdom to wear flame resistant clothing which saved me for at least this particular encounter. The others didn’t fare so well but we managed to get through the engagement rather unscathed.

We thought it wise to make sure we cleared the outside of the prison of any more creatures in the event they managed to come up behind us but I would soon find this to be a grave mistake as a animated scythe came to life before us. Now, animated objects are tricky enough to destroy when they’re simple things like chests or candle sticks, but no we got a scythe and without much of any effort on the scythe’s part I found the world going black as a quick slice tore open my throat and my clothes grew damp with the fresh blood pouring from the gaping wound.

With quick action the others were able to save me from a gruesome death restoring me to consciousness and with a renewed sense of humility we were able to destroy this instrument of death. I had thought I might be able to take and restore the weapon for profit but then, looking at my blood-soaked clothing, thought better of it.

Having lost some time, and health, from the various tasks up until this point we decided to head back to town and attack the interior of the prison on Moonday with a little more wisdom and renewed vigor. We had high hopes that the next day would be much less….deathy.



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