Carrion Crown

17th of Rova 4711, Starday - Gibbs, The Splatter Man & Spirit Boards

Shepherds Journal

Having received some payment from the city, those who had placed armors and such on order were able to go and purchase them completely today giving the group a much needed morale boost after the events of the previous couple of days. I decided to save my money for some potential magical items, but we’ll have to see what I can manage. We spent the majority of the day doing a bit of research into the Mosswater Marauder and spending some time with Kendra.

Our day became much more interesting as we discovered some of what’s been transpiring in this extremely haunted ass town. Again we had staked out the monument in hopes of catching the culprit behind the blood and although the previous night was fruitless this night was eye opening. As we sat and watched a figure made an appearance and began walking to the monument with ill intentions. Once I was obvious that this was the culprit I decided to attempt to gain some more information through a little trickery.

I had hoped my magic could fool whoever this was and I created, to the best of my ability, a ghost-like apparition floating over the water in the shape of the wardens wife. I had hoped that the person might interact with this charade but all it accomplished was to scare off the man, but luckily we were more prepared and faster then what soon was discovered to be the asshat Gibbs. Although I wouldn’t put it past the jackass to do this out of sick satisfaction, he was very clearly possessed by the spirit of The Splatter Man putting up a decent fight he would have never been capable of without ghostly intervention.

We took Gibbs to the sheriff, Benjan Caeller, and told him to keep him locked up until we could address the prison and hopefully get him back to the normal jackass he usually is. Although it was late, we thought that since Gibbs was just possessed that it might be the best time to make use of the spirit board we had collected a while back. We relocated to Gibb’s house and blocked off the windows to prevent prying eyes, since most likely we’d be branded as necromancers by the more ignorant members of this cursed town.

Although new to communicating with the dead, or at least the non zombie-like ones, we managed to gather some useful yet not unexpected information. The source of this towns misery has been the cause of Harrowstone and the spirits within, although the mystery remains of how their power has apparently increased to influence this town and what the goal of writing the name of the warden’s wife on the monument one letter at a time was.
The spirits didn’t make it easy, of course, almost castrating Enzo but hey, at least it sobered his ass up a bit.

Deciding we all enjoyed having our private parts un-mangled we left Gibb’s house and quickly found ourselves back here at Kendra’s. We decided that we should address this prison in the morning but I think I have a idea of how to utilize my connections to not only help a friend but help myself a little in the process. We’ll have to see how tomorrow turns out.



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