Carrion Crown

16th of Rova 4711, Fireday - Day of Rest & Research

Shepherds Journal

This morning was a gloomy one with the events of the night previous but we set out to get the matter taken care of quickly, setting out to see Father Grimburrow about a cremation of Lorrimor’s remains and second burial, which we were told would take the rest of the day.

Seeing as Elza and Enzo had this curious zombie like disease thing all day we actually ended up having a very tame day of rest and research as we waited for Lorrimor’s second burial. Each one of us took one of the different prisoners I had found before and devoted some good time into finding out more about each one of them. We ended up researching Father Charlatan, The Piper of Illmarsh, The Lopper and The Splatter Man today and we’ll be looking into the Mosswater Marauder tomorrow. From what we’ve discovered about these people, there seems to be heavy connections between the visions we’ve been having and some of the different occurrences around town.

I believe it’s very safe to assume that the spirits of Harrowstone have, for some reason, become powerful enough to have sway over this town. But for now with two of us sick I’ve decided that a good old fashioned stake out of the monument might give use some good leads or even one of the culprits themselves. When we had looked at the implements hidden under Gibbs’ woodpile we discovered it had fresh blood on them so I believe if we start watching the monument during the night we’ll eventually catch the culprit.

Enzo and myself set out not long after the cremation of Lorrimor was underway to stake out the monument and even though we were very diligent in our observations, we didn’t manage to catch anyone in the act. Tomorrow will hopefully be a more productive stake out.



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