Carrion Crown

15th of Rova 4711, Oathday - The Death of a Friend...Again.

Shepherds Journal

As we came down to have breakfast this morning we were able to talk to Kendra about what happened the other day and found out that yesterday while we were all out Kendra thought she saw her father walking about. We promised her that we would look into making sure her father was still buried to put her mind at ease and set out on our activities for the day. When we left the house, a messenger came for us informing us that the town was going to be having a town meeting this evening and we were all invited to attend giving us the time we needed to do some tasks that needed doing and providing us with the opportunity to discuss obtaining permission to investigate Harrowstone. I however wanted to pay another visit to our old friend Gibbs first to find out what we could from him, be it a confession or a lead.

We found Gibbs returning to his home from the market and began feigning concern about an intrusion in his house we had managed to overhear from the locals. This of course was a bold face lie but he seemed to buy it and allowed us in to ask questions, eventually leading us to the matter of the monument. As we entered his home, the second time for myself, we found him to be less then cordial, although that was to be expected considering his opinion of us and especially after having to clean some suspicious looking poop out of his shoes … heh.

When we began questioning Gibbs about the monument he honestly seemed surprised about the information, which was extremely odd. I understand that although he is the closest to the monument he is still a good distance away from it but we know he was in town recently where he would have heard about it and on top of that there must have been a lot of foot traffic past his house as people investigated the rumor for themselves. We weren’t able to gleam anything more then his genuine surprise but there’s definitely something off about him and I intend to keep an eye on him.

After our meeting with Gibbs we had some lunch and went to the blacksmith to check up on her and see about obtaining some better arms and armor in light of our recent encounters with the undead. The others bought some weapons and put in some orders for masterwork armors and as much as I wanted to I was far too broke to even consider masterwork anything. After getting their measurements it was time for the town meeting which was being held in the town hall.

When we arrived at the meeting, we found a relatively decent turn out with about sixty or so locals quietly murmuring among themselves as the council sat up on stage seemingly waiting for our group specifically since they began the meeting instantly as we took our seats among the crowd. It wasn’t long before we found out why they waited for us specifically as one of the council members explained that with all the recent happenings around town, and seeing as we’ve made a bit of a name for ourselves having defended it, that they wanted our group to look into the matter. Seeing the crowd’s desperation I ended up going up on stage where I told them I would look into the matter with the help of the others if they would join me.

It wasn’t long after I spoke that the lanterns in the town hall damn near exploded, setting the building aflame and knocking several locals unconscious among the flames. We were in the middle of dealing with the fires and getting the civilians out of of the town hall when some flying skulls came in through the windows spreading fire where they flew. We managed to defeat the skulls get the people our and save the town hall from burning to the ground and then Enzo had to go and punch a poor guy for not being more helpful.

During the meeting we had found out that the monument had yet again been vandalized in the night but this time with the letter ‘E’, so we decided that before heading over to the graveyard we should check on the monument and the evidence at Gibbs house. The monument was what was to be expected with fresh blood and a new letter painted over the first, then when I tried sneaking over to double check on the waterskin and razor Gibbs noticed me and I had to give him the run around.

We finished up our business with Gibbs and promptly headed over to the Restlands where we discovered many graves had been disturbed from creatures crawling out of their resting places. Along the path to Lorrimor’s grave we ended up running into another undead child and dog which we quickly dispatched leaving two of us with a zombie like disease that looked horrible. Continuing forth we discovered, to our dismay, that Lorrimor’s grave was indeed disturbed, meaning that Kendra very well could have seen her father walking about. Afraid for Kendra’s safety we quickly headed back to ensure she was alright.

We arrived to find Kendra safe and looking in better spirits but it wasn’t long before all of our worlds came crashing down. What Kendra saw was indeed Lorrimor and he returned once again, almost knocking on the door, attempting to get into the house. We tried to get Kendra out of the room but she couldn’t help but see her once father in the state he was in and we had no other choice but to put him down. Stricken with grief I could only bring myself to heal him. I knew it wasn’t going to help him in any way but the idea of raising my bow or sword to that man was abhorrent to me and luckily we were able to put him down quickly.

We took care of Lorrimor’s body, cleaning it up and cutting off his head for good measure and I can’t even put into words how horrible it was to not only see him in this state but to be forced to put him down. We put his body in the shed out back where it will be safe and Kendra wont have to look upon it more then she has. I only hope sleep takes me quickly tonight for I do not want to be left with my thoughts any longer.



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