Carrion Crown

14th of Rova 4711, Wealday - Slamdunkin Children!!

Shepherds Journal

This morning I awoke from a restless sleep and although I got as much time as I normally do I felt as though I had hardly slept at all. When I met everyone downstairs I noticed that Kendra looked much happier then I had seen her since I got here so I waited for her to be out of the room before I discussed the matters of my dream or vision or whatever the hell that was last night. I then proceeded to explain what transpired as Gibbs house and managed to finish up before Kendra came back to the room.

We found out from Kendra that today there was going to be vendors set up in the town square as almost a town festival or flea market of sorts and we decided that, in light of the recent events, some levity would do us some good. We managed to get to the square without getting possessed or whatever the crap is going on in this crazy ass town although it didn’t take long for some shit to happen. Before anything went wrong, however, I did get a chance to try some of the newly invented ghoul giblets stew, which was delicious, and Enzo managed to win himself a fancy goblet in a drinking contest… big surprise there. We also had a chance to look at the local smithies wares which were of a high Dwarven quality. I bought myself a couple daggers one of which was silvered and a couple wrist sheaths for a project I’ve been thinking of trying for some time.

While Enzo was still in the heat of battle, however, a group of musicians came out and started playing and almost immediatly afterwards came a group of stirge flying into the square. When I tried to alert everyone to the potential danger they possed they flew off and everyone just shrugged it off like I was paranoid but low and behold it wasn’t two seconds before the little bastards were latched on my both Enzo and Elza’s neck. Everyone started running then now didn’t they…idiots. Luckily they didn’t attack us for long leaving us be as people began paniking scaring them off, however, there was something odd about their actions and the timing of the musicians playing and I think we should look into it tomorrow.

After the little scuffle with the striges’ we managed to catch up with the sheriff so we could ask him about the town and what the hell might be going on here. Not getting much from him, we did manage to find out that if we wanted to investigate Harrowstone without stepping on anyone’s toes we’ll have to consult the town council. He told us that since we helped to protect people in the town that we could go get some free healing over at the church, and not being one to turn away from free service I went over with the rest of the group.

While we were at the church we managed to find out from Father Grimburrow that there are some records the church kept if we wanted to look into the happenings around town to which I happily went down to look at, along with Elza. Elza managed to turn up some more information about the whispering way and I was able to find out some more information about who exactaly was held in the prison turning up some very notorious criminals like Father Charlatan, the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illmarch and the Splatter Man. I’ll have to do some research on these individuals in the coming days to see if anything that has been happening in town could have been cause by any of them, assuming they survived the fire that is.

On our way back into town was when we found out exactly how dangerous this town has become. We had made it to the square when we heard a scream come from somewhere nearby, I assumed maybe someone fell down the well and quickly ran to investigate hoping to save the poor individual. As I stood there glass broke on one of the houses around the edge of the square and something came out of the window and fell to the ground. Not long after that I heard something gurgling climbing the walls of the well and my true horror was realized when a small bloated undead child came out of the well.

Handling it as best as my panic would allow I promptly picked up the abomination throwing it back down the well and running back to the group which I found to be engaged in battle with some other zombie like monsters. Luckily we managed to dispatch the creatures with relatively little damage to ourselves and even had a little help from the smithy who dispatched a skeleton by herself. Afterwards we peaked in on the smithy to make sure she was alright and then got the sheriff and informed him of what happened. We advised him to not only get some people out there to clean up the mess, so as to not cause any more stress on the poor citizens, but to also grab some acolytes from the church to check on the towns well so people don’t fall ill.

When we got back to Kendra’s we found her in tears for what we did not have to heart to investigate. I broke my heart to see her back in such a state after seeing her so happy this morning but considering what’s happening in this town I fear there might be many more tears to follow. I didn’t decide to risk any nighttime excursions considering there is now a possibility for monsters to attack and instead put my habits towards getting that stupid book open that I’ve been trying to get open for the past two days. I finally managed to get the stupid thing open only to discover it was written in a coded Varisian, but luckily I had recently learned a little magic to help with such an occasion and was able to break it. This book is nothing evil for sure as it has just listings and instructions on rituals and magics used for nothing malicious at all.

It was nice to have a task this night to center on and although the book didn’t give me any insight into something unknown I enjoyed that little victory and with all the time I had I was even able to finish up my tinkering project. Tomorrow when we all set out I believe we should seek the council’s permission to investigate the prison and also I feel I should check on our old friend Gibbs who might be a little more friendly towards those that might help him out. I also must remember to continue my research on the prisoners seeing as that might mean the difference of life and death it would seem.



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