Carrion Crown

13th of Rova 4711, Toilday - Forgotten Supplies

Shepherds Journal

This morning, as we were all gathering ourselves downstairs we overheard the milkman conversing with another citizen as he was dropping off the milk for Kendra. Apparently, during the night someone had gone over to the prison memorial and vandalized it with a large V written in blood along with a decent sized pool of blood on the ground. Deciding it wouldn’t be a wise idea to head there so early when people might draw some false conclusions we instead head out for the Restlands to investigate the hidden cache. When we got there we were soon confronted by some acolytes of the church who told us we needed permission to enter the grounds. We apologized, telling them our intentions were to check on Lorrimor’s grave given the events before his burial which was 100% truthful. The acolytes followed us for a bit but then went back to whatever task they had been attending to previously.

While walking through the graveyard towards the crypt Serris called Enzo apparently claiming he saw his name on a tombstone with the date of Harrowstone’s fire as the date of his death, but when we all looked, the tombstone was weathered to the point we couldn’t read the name on it. Whether or not Serris was messing with us or not I cannot say but considering the change in the way this place feels since I was last here I wouldn’t blame him for seeing things.

We eventually spotted a crypt with a broken lock made to look like it was still working so I went in to scout ahead and make sure this was the correct place. I could see footprints leading into the back wall which had a mural dealing with Pharasma on it but it wasn’t until the rest joined me that I was finally able to see the mechanism necessary to open the doors. With hooded lantern in hand we followed the footsteps, delving deeper into the crypt where we discovered a sarcophagus that the footsteps went to.

As we started to open the stupid heavy bastard Serris confirmed there to be magic items within but before we could get to it we were accosted by giant centipedes. We managed to quickly dispatch the five that attacked us taking little damage ourselves and finished our acquisition of the goods. As we went to leave, however, we were ambushed by another four centipedes that put up a much better fight dealing some considerable damage to Serris who would need healing over the next day or two to be fully recovered. Enzo, who had been watching the entrance for us while we fought the first five centipedes came to the rescue dispatching two of the centipedes and helping us finish the fight.

Making sure to cover our tracks and using prestidigitation to clean us up we exited the crypt, but before leaving I used mending the fix the lock on the crypt door. Heading back into town we passed a group of little girls singing a song in Varisian that disturbed me greatly but somehow peaked Serris’ interest who proceeded to question them about the song as if they knew more then just the lyrics. Moving past the children we decided to split up giving Serris some time to identify what exactly we found in the crypt. Enzo accompanied Serris while Elza and myself went to the local tavern Laughing Demon owned by Zokar Elkarid.

While at the tavern we discovered Zokar is a little bit of a comedian with his meals and consequently I ended up ordering a vampire steak with a liquid ghost ale and Elza had wolf balls and liquid ghost ale. I suggested he add ghoul giblets to the menu not long before something truly inexplicable happened. In the tavern there was a group of men playing with a harrow deck and when one of them placed down the uprising card there was a flash that disoriented most of the people in the tavern including Elza. After some investigating I could find nothing odd about the harrow deck but I convinced Zokar to let me take it just in case and gave him five gold to replace it with some other games.

Elza ended up giving Zokar five gold as well to give everyone in the tavern a round to calm their nerves and asked if he had a basement which he didn’t. After Zokar left Elza explained how for the brief moment she was blinded she could swear she heard the sounds of people screaming in pain below her as if they were on fire. Finishing are meal and having a few more ales to calm our nerves, Serris and Enzo came into the tavern looking a little bit spooked and annoyed, Serras more spooked and Enzo more annoyed. Apparently, as Serris and Enzo were walking to the tavern Serras saw the tracks of a cart or wagon being pulled through the dirt towards them although there was none. Serris jumped out of the way calling to Enzo to follow suit but believing Serris to be seeing things again Enzo stood there as the tracks harmlessly pass around him.

I’m not sure if I can trust Serris, although he seems to believe that these things are happening and considering the event that occurred in the tavern I guess I shouldn’t be too skeptical. I passed the harrow deck to see if he could gleam anything from it I couldn’t and explained the events that took place not long ago but after giving it a good look he couldn’t see anything off about the deck either and handed it back. With that we set out to finally give the memorial a once over to see how bad the scene was.

As we passed the final house leading to the memorial I wanted to take note of who lived there as they would have had the best chance to either see who performed the act or perform the act themselves. To my mild surprise it just so happened to be the home of Gibbs and I resolved to return in the night to investigate more thoroughly and possibly give a little payback for him enciting a mob against Lorrimor. When we arrived at the memorial we found the dried blood people had been talking about and Serris figured out that it was about two large rats worth of blood and it was definitely animal blood. Taking note of the names on the memorial we returned to Kendra’s to sleep.

Before I woke up from my first bout of sleep to go investigate Gibbs, however, I had a most peculiar nightmare where all the furniture in my room slowly disappeared and I eventually found myself in a prison cell overlooking Harrowstone. I recognized this to be a dream but when I bit myself to wake up nothing happened, and then my name was slowly written in blood above my bed and I awoke with a start. When I awoke a little while ago my hand still hurt and my name was still written above my bed in blood. I went and grabbed Elza who had been taking first watch over the house as we slept and made sure she saw the blood as well and had her check for any cuts on my body to which she found none.

To settle my nerves I decided to still go through with my investigation having Enzo take over my shift on watch. I just returned a little while ago and managed to find a waterskin and razor that had caked blood in them hidden under Gibbs woodpile. I’m not sure if that necessarily means Gibbs is the culprit but if we want to get information out of him we need to get in his good graces. I decided to steal the little money he had and make it look as if a animal broke in his house so that we can maybe help him out and hopefully improve his attitude towards us but for now I need some restful sleep.



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