Carrion Crown

12th of Rova 4711, Moonday- Arrival in Ravengro

Shepherds Journal

Although a little late, I managed to make it in time for the funeral this morning. The trip here was not an easy one, but luckily I didn’t run into any bandits or beasts along the way, although that didn’t mean there wasn’t some waiting for me when I arrived. The beasts I speak of are the very townsfolk of Ravengro, lead by that bastard Gibbs. that came out to prevent myself and everyone else present for Lorrimor’s burial from burying him within the Restlands next to his wife. It took every once of my patience, and that of the other pallbearers, to not lay down these monstrous people who claimed Lorrimor to be some sort of Necromancer. Luckily for them the Father Grimburrow came out and ran them off before any of them was seriously hurt, well besides that poor lad laid out by Serras. We were able to put Lorrimor to rest and return to his old house, which now belongs to his daughter Kendra, without any more problems.

I found out that Lorrimor was found just outside Harrowstone with his jaw and upper chest crushed as if a stone fell on him while he as looking up and that I wasn’t the only odd mention in Lorrimors will. There was, in fact, three other unexpected people mentioned as well, a Half-Elf by the name Serris, a man calling himself Enzo and a pretty little Cleric named Elza. They were a relatively quite bunch but if they were trusted as much as myself by Lorrimor then I feel I can count them as friends during these troubling times. It wasn’t very long after meeting these individuals that Kendra came down from her Father’s bedroom with a chest and council member Hearthmount came knocking at the door to read us poor Lorrimors will.

We found out that Lorrimor has been investigating a group called the Whispering Way, a cult with nefarious intentions, and that in his pursuits to help the fight against evil, Lorrimor had been collecting books dealing with these subjects. Lorrimor has asked myself and the other three to remain in Ravengro for a month to help Kendra as she decides what to do with her father’s estate and then when the month is over to take these books, that were in the chest Kendra brought down, to Lepidstadt where we will all receive 100 Platinum each for doing so. As far as I can gleam from the others we have all silently agreed to this course of action and are now staying in Kendra’s house for the next month, I only hope it isn’t too dull.

As my habit of waking up in the middle of the night came around I used the opportunity to try my lock-picking skills on a particularly interesting looking book that has a scarab on the cover with a very interesting key hole. Alas, I was unable to pick the lock even though I believe I did quite well in my attempt, meaning this isn’t any old run of the mill lock. I only hope when we go to investigate a hidden cache, mentioned in Lorrimor’s journal, tomorrow I don’t run into similar difficulties. I must also remember to find out where that dickhead Gibbs lives so I can go fuck with him.



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